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    Not all diet pills are built the same. Some burn fat while some control appetite. While others give only nasty side-effects. In comes PhenQ: a brand new all-in-one diet supplement that burns stored fat, controls appetite and blocks fat production while improving both mood and your body's energy levels.

    Such qualities benefit most people looking forward to lose weight; a fact reinforced by PhenQ's stratospheric sales since its launch just about a year ago. In fact, strong sales volume have already made PhenQ one of the largest selling diet supplements in the market today.

    PhenQ is a clinically proven pharmacy grade diet supplement that is manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities meeting the highest manufacturing and safety standards set and monitored by GMP and FDA. Some of the main advantages of PhenQ diet pills are:-

    1) Unique Formulation:- One-of-a-kind formulation using the finest active ingredients provide weight loss results unmatched by competing manufacturers.

    2) Promotes Thermogenesis:- Increase in metabolic rate leads to burning off all the excess fat and getting back your dream body.

    3) Has Appetite Suppressing Properties:- PhenQ helps to control your constant hunger pangs making you eat less amounts of food and reduce your calorie intake.

    4) Blocks The Production Of Fat:- The unique formulation of PhenQ results in stopping the production of fat cells within your body and prevent weight gain.

    5) Keeps You In A Good Mood And Boosts Your Energy Levels:- Experience stress-free weight loss with the new PhenQ diet pills as it improves your mood and boosts your energy levels keeping you at the top of your game everyday.

    6) Manufactured Using High-Quality Formulation:- PhenQ is manufactured at facilities in the UK and US that are monitored and approved by GIMP and the FDA for ensuring that the very quality reaches its consumers.

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    PhenQ packs the power of multiple weight loss pills into one single pill making it truly a one-of-a-kind product in the weight loss market.

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    PhenQ : Salient Features

    1) Every bottle contains a month's supply of 60 pills with 2 pills taken everyday.

    2) Experience easy usage with only two pills taken everyday. One in the morning and one after lunch.

    3) 60- day full money-back guarantee for protecting your investment giving you complete peace of mind and confidence to try out a world-class product.

    4) Get free worldwide shipping with every order of PhenQ. No more hidden costs as the final price is displayed in the official website for total transparency.

    5) Take advantage of huge multi-buy savings. With 2 bottles of PhenQ you get 1 bottle FREE & with 3 bottles get 2 bottle FREE!!!

    PhenQ Attacks Fat In Five Different Ways:-

    a) Burns Stored Fat:- The active ingredients of PhenQ creates thermogenesis i.e. speeds up your metabolic rate resulting in faster elimination of stored fat.

    b) Prevents Fat Production:- A unique feature not found in other diet supplements PhenQ actually stops the further production of fat cells inside your body making a permanent stop to your weight gain process.

    c) Controls Your Appetite:- PhenQ helps to reduce your calorie intake by controlling your hunger pangs making you eat less amounts of food. Overeating due to hunger pangs will now become a thing of the past.

    d) Increases Your Energy Levels:- PhenQ's advanced formulation has got energy boosting ingredients which prevents reduction in energy levels caused due to dieting.

    e) Improves Your Mood:- Eating less calorie foods during weight loss can make you feel depressed. But PhenQ's advanced formulation possess gentle mood enhancing properties which makes you feel happy even when you're dieting.

    As you can see PhenQ literally combines all the weight loss benefits found in several diet pills and combines them into a all-in-one diet supplement. So forget all other diet pills in the market and order only PhenQ.

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    PhenQ:- Ultimate Weight Loss Formulation

    PhenQ uses a unique blend of ingredients fat superior than anything you would find in the market to formulate a one-of-a-kind product that is matchless both in terms of effectiveness and features. PhenQ uses high-quality, scientifically proven and natural ingredients to prepare this unmatched diet supplement in FDA and GMP monitored facilities.

    The secret ingredient behind PhenQ's unrivaled fat burning performance is α-Lacys Reset®. α-Lacys Reset® gives a tremendous boost to the thermogenesis process in your body, which results in your body starting to burn large amounts of stored fat. Besides α-Lacys Reset®, some of the other important ingredients found in PhenQ are:-

    Capsimax Powder:- Capsimax Powder is made up of a blend of capsicum, piperine, caffeine and niacin which gives PhenQ tremendous fat burning power. Capsicum and piperine possess thermogenic properties which increases your body heat and melts stored fat inside.

    Capsicum has been clinically proven to have significant fat burning qualities and piperine also has the capability to block the formation of new fat cells.

    Calcium Carbonate:- We know that calcium is good for our bones. What we don't know is that it is also good for weight loss. Clinical studies have clearly shown that calcium is capable in preventing the cells in your body from storing less fat by telling your body that you're well nourished and there is no need to store extra fat for energy.

    Thus the cells start to burn fat since it is no longer needed and you start seeing some incredibly fast weight loss results. Clinical studies have shown that obese adults managed to lose more weight when given a calcium rich diet for six months.

    Chromium Picolinate:- Chromium picolinate helps to curb your sugar based food cravings and also control your body's blood sugar levels. Chromium picolinate is found in large quantities in meat, vegetables and whole grains.

    When we consume carbohydrate based foods that are rich in sugar, the sugar is absorbed and carried to our blood cells where it is stored so that it can be used in future for generating energy.

    Your body starts to crave less for sugar as your blood cells have stored enough of it. Chromium helps your blood cells to absorb large quantities of sugar so that you crave less for carbohydrate and sugar based foods.

    This makes it much easier for you to lose weight. In a two month study conducted by the Cornell University chromium supplementation was applied to people suffering from depression. It was observed that those people managed to control their appetite and their food cravings much more easily.

    Caffeine:- It's no surprise that we find caffeine to be included in so many diet supplements and energy drinks. Caffeine is generally a stimulant which increase your mental alertness, reduces fatigue and makes you more focused.

    Caffeine also helps to control your appetite and boosts your metabolic rate for burning excess fat more effectively. Caffeine also turbocharges your workout routines by increasing your physical performance.

    Nopal:- Nopal is a type of cactus which has a high fiber content that keeps your hunger in check. Nopal also has large amount of amino acids which provide a lot of energy during your weight loss program. Nopal also helps in losing weight as it flushes out the excess toxins stored within your body's tissues into the blood stream.

    L-Cartinine Furmarate:- L-Cartinine is a natural amino acid normally found in foods such as fresh green vegetables, various types of nuts and red meat. L-Cartinine helps to convert the stored fat inside your body into energy thus promoting weight loss through the burning of fat and also providing energy to combat tiredness and fatigue caused by weight loss diets.

    PhenQ Money-back Guarantee!!

    The quality of a diet pill is often measured through a money-back guarantee as it shows the amount of confidence that the manufacturer have in the effectiveness of their products.

    PhenQ manufacturers are so confident about their product that they are giving you a Full 60-Day Money-back Guarantee where you can send back your unused PhenQ bottles in case you're not satisfied with your results and get your money back!!

    Such excellent money-back guarantee not only helps protect your investment but also gives you confidence to purchase and try out the product.

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    PhenQ : Success Stories Of Genuine Customers!!

    As they say, the proof of the pudding lies in its eating. Similarly, the true measure of any diet supplement is what its customers have to say about it. In this regard, PhenQ does exceptionally well, having secured the trust and loyalty of thousands of customers without a single case of negative side-effects reported!!!

    Here's a quick look at what some of our customers have to say about PhenQ:-

    After giving birth to two babies I was no longer slim and attractive. In fact, my whole body changed and I started to look very fat. Having tried out various diet programs and frustrated with lack of results, I finally decided to give PhenQ a try.

    The results are nothing sort of phenomenal!! I was able to lose 12 lbs on the very first month and another 20 lbs in the second!! Both my husband and I couldn't be more happier!! Thank you, PhenQ.”

  • Amily Jackson.

Really wanted to date this hot looking guy. The only thing that stood between us is my fat belly!! My friend suggested that I try out PhenQ, having tried and tested it herself. Took her advice and purchased the three bottle pack.

Tried it for one full month and Bingo!!! My tummy is now flatter than ever before and I've even managed to lose some weight from my hips and thighs. Moreover, the guy has started eyeing me more frequently!! Want to try it for another two months for losing all my excess fat!!”

  • Emma Brown.

Since several of my friends have tried and lost weight with PhenQ I finally decided to give it a try. I am not terribly over-weight just a plump looking girl but want to lose weight so that I can really look sexy. PhenQ helped me lose several pounds of weight within a single month. I am not too fond of dieting and exercising.

But still PhenQ gave outstanding fat burning results. My body temperature has become warm and I can literally feel fat being melted inside my body. None of my friends have experienced any side-effects trying out PhenQ as has been the case with me. Want to keep using PhenQ till I get my desired body.”

  • Sarah Lee Jones.

I am 60 plus age and am suffering from obesity related problems for some years. Recently my daughter lost her post-pregnancy weight using PhenQ and gave me a bottle to try out. After 6 weeks my weight is now 60 kgs down from 75!! I feel so much better and healthier than ever before!!

PhenQ has worked so wonderfully for me that now my husband also wants to try out. I usually lead a sedentary lifestyle but now I am thinking of increasing my physical activities in order to see better results. Hope PhenQ keeps giving such incredible results in the coming months!!

  • Lauren Turner.

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PhenQ vs Other Diet Pills:- A Quick Comparison




Clash Of The Titans!!

David meets Goliath!! Two of the best-selling diet pills are fighting for the coveted no.1 spot in the diet pills market. One is Phen375 a seven year old war veteran widely regarded as the best-selling diet supplement currently available and another is PhenQ; a new kid on the block that has notched up some phenomenal sales in just one year of its launch and is now threatening to unseat Phen375!!

Below we will do a quick comparison between these two best-selling diet supplements in order to see which provides a better value for money for your weight loss requirements.


Phen375 is manufactured by RDK Global, a leading weight loss manufacturer making such diet supplements like Phen375, Adiphene, Kou Tea- slimming tea etc. All RDK Global diet supplements are manufactured in FDA approved facilities in both the United States and European Union countries.

PhenQ on the other hand is manufactured by Bauer Nutrition a health and nutrition giant based in Europe and which manufactures such popular and successful diet supplements like Proactol XS, Pure AcaiBerry, Unique Hoodia and Capsiplex. PhenQ diet pills are also manufactured in GMP and FDA approved facilities in both United States and Europe.

Working Process Of Both PhenQ and Phen375

Phen375 helps reduce your excess fat by:-

1) Increasing the fat burning rate of your body by boosting metabolism.

2) Increasing the thermogenic process within your body.

3) Preventing over-eating by curbing appetite.

4) Converts stored body fat into energy by boosting metabolism.

PhenQ on the other hand boosts your weight loss efforts by:-

1) Burning of stored fat inside your body.

2) Stops further production of fat inside your body.

3) Increases your energy levels to compensate loss of energy due to dieting.

4) Controls your hunger pangs by controlling appetite.

5) Increases metabolism in your body and converts fat into energy.

Ingredients List Of Both Diet Pills


a) Citrus Aurantium:- Citrus Aurantium mobilizes the fat stored inside your body and increases your metabolism for burning off the stored fat.

b) Caffeine Powder Anhydrous:- Caffeine controls appetite, enhances mood and stimulates our metabolic rate helping us to burn fat.

c) Dendrobium Nobile Extract:- It is an extract of plant orchids which improves our digestive system.

d) Cayenne Pepper:- Commonly used in the preparation of everyday food, cayenne pepper also promotes weight loss by increasing our body temperature to burn fat.

e) Coleus Forskolii Root PE (10% Forskolin):- This substance raises the AMP levels of your body cells.

f) L-Carnitine:- L-Carnitine helps our body's metabolism to burn fat by releasing the stored fat inside our body.


A lacy-reset:- This primary ingredient of PhenQ is essentially a blend of cysteine and alpha-lipoic acid. A lacy-reset is generally responsible for increasing your metabolism and burning off excess fat.

Nopal:- Nopal helps to curb hunger pangs by controlling your appetite.

Caffeine:- Caffeine is essentially a stimulant that helps to control appetite and boost your metabolic rate.

Capsimax Powder:- Capsimax or chilli pepper powder helps promote thermogenesis which leads to increase in body temperature and burning off excess fat.

Calcium Carbonate:- Calcium carbonate works along with caffeine and nopal to control your appetite.

Chromium Picolinate:- Chromium picolinate helps balance the sugar levels in your body.

Side-effects Of PhenQ and Phen375

Both these diet pills are prescribed for people above 18 years of age. Phen375 can have occasional side-effects due to its high caffeine content. So high blood pressure, high pulse rate and sweating etc. can be experienced by certain users.

People taking prescription medicines must consult their doctor before taking Phen375. Also patients suffering from cardio-vascular diseases, liver and kidney problems, hypertension, sleep disorders and medicinal allergies should refrain from taking Phen375. Also pregnant and breast-feeding mothers must not take this diet supplement.

PhenQ on the other hand have nearly zero side-effects and can be taken by any person except pregnant women. PhenQ achieves this by incorporating gentler formulation which leads to fewer side-effects although maintaining high fat burning efficiency.

Price Of Phen375 And PhenQ

This is where the two diet pills differ significantly and PhenQ clearly edges out Phen375 to become the most value-for-money diet supplement available in the market today.

In fact, PhenQ is nearly unbeatable when it comes to price/performance ratio. Here is a quick look at the price lists and package deals of both diet pills:-


1 Bottle = 30 Tabs cost $ 59.99

2 Bottle + 1 Bottle FREE = 60 + 30 = 90 Tabs cost $ 119.98

4 Bottle + 2 Bottle FREE = 120 + 60 = 180 Tabs cost $ 215.96


1 Bottle = 60 Tabs cost $ 69.95

2 Bottle + 1 Bottle FREE = 120 + 60 = 180 Tabs cost $139.90

3 Bottle + 2 Bottle FREE = 180 + 120 = 300 Tabs cost $189.95

Final Verdict

As you can see from the above chart PhenQ contains 60 pills per bottle compared to Phen375's 30 per bottle. 180 tablets of Phen375 cost $215.96 whereas 180 tables of PhenQ cost only $139.90.

While both these diet pills are high-quality and manufactured in state-of-the-art FDA approved facilities, PhenQ gives you tremendous bang for your buck to make it our preferred diet pill in this comparison.



Unique Hoodia

Hoodia based diet pills are becoming quite popular in the weight loss market due to their outstanding appetite suppressing qualities. However, trying to cash in on this growing trend the market today is literally flooded with counterfeit Hoodia products which are made up of mostly fillers rather than pure Hoodia Gordonii plant extract found in sub-Saharan Africa.

One such exception is Unique Hoodia, considered by many as the purest and most effective Hoodia supplement available in the market today. We pair it up with PhenQ to see if PhenQ is really more potent than this well established player in the diet pill market.


Both Unique Hoodia and PhenQ are manufactured by Bauer Nutrition the multi-billion dollar diet and fitness products behemoth based in Europe. However, both diet supplements are produced in separate facilities.

PhenQ, as mentioned earlier is manufactured in facilities across United States and Europe monitored and approved by GMP and FDA unlike Unique Hoodia which is manufactured without any monitoring by these authorities.

Benefits of Unique Hoodia

1) Lowers your body mass level.

2) Controls your appetite to prevent over-eating.

3) Controls your hunger pangs to make dieting much more easier.

4) Helps manage your weight making it easier for you to reach your target.

5) Reduces the absorption of calories in your body, making weight loss easier.

6) Shows results within a few days.

Benefits of PhenQ

1) far more effective weight loss results than what the competition has to offer.

2) Super-fast burning of stored fat.

3) Curbs appetite, controls calorie intake to prevent excess weight gain.

4) Blocks further production of fat inside your body to make weight loss more effective.

5) Boosts energy levels to make up for the loss of energy due to dieting.

6) PhenQ's formulation if clinically tested and recommended by experts.

7) Top-quality ingredients manufactured in state-of-the-art production facilities minimizes the chance of side-effects occuring.

8) World-wide free shipping provided by the manufacturer.

9) A whopping six-month full money-back guarantee provided!!

10) Real life customer reviews provided on the official website.

Unique Hoodia Ingredients

Unique Hoodia consists of only two ingredients:- Hoodia Gordonii plant extract and Piperine. Hoodia Gordonii helps to control your appetite without dropping energy levels in your body. Usually people who find it difficult to control binge eating are the ones who benefit most from using this diet supplement.

Piperine helps our body to absorb the ingredients of the diet pill more effectively.

PhenQ Ingredients List

The highly potent ingredients list of PhenQ consist of:-

Capsimax Powder:- This powder is a combination of capsicum, piperine, caffeine and Vitamin B3 all of which work wonderfully in reducing your fat.

Calcium Carbonate:- Helps in maintaining ideal body weight and prevents the storage of fat in cells.

Chromium Picolinate:- Controls your blood sugar levels letting your body to take as much of sugar as possible in order to loose weight.

Caffeine:- Commonly found in many diet pills caffeine makes you mentally alert, reduces fatigue and boosts metabolism to burn more fat.

Price Comparison

Unique Hoodia

1 Bottle = 60 capsules = $ 54.95

2 Bottle + 1 Bottle FREE = 120 + 60 = 180 capsules = $ 109.90

3 Bottle + 3 Bottle FREE = 180 + 180 =360 capsules = $ 164.85


Each bottle of PhenQ contains 60 capsules.

1 Bottle costs $ 59.99

2 Bottle + 1 Bottle FREE costs $ 119.98

3 Bottle + 2 Bottle FREE costs $ 189.95

Final Verdict

Although Unique Hoodia looks cheaper in the price comparison chart the fact is you need to take 3 capsules a day at meal time in order to see results. Compare that to that of PhenQ where you need to take only 2 per day. Not only is that convenient, but also leads to significant amount of savings.

Also Unique Hoodia with only 2 active ingredients doesn't stand a chance to the formulation of PhenQ which consist of 4 high-quality and highly potent ingredients that gives more functionality to the diet supplement. So PhenQ remains our top favorite in this comparison.

Proactol XS



It's been close to 15 years since Proactol was first launched and after many up gradations and modifications it is now universally known as Proactol XS and is manufactured and marketed by Bauer Nutrition, the very same company that also manufactures PhenQ.

Proactol XS is a clinically tested and certified fat binder which makes you lose weight by reducing the intake of fat. Composed of several types of dietary fibers which bind your dietary fat molecules making them too large for absorption, Proactol XS reduces your fat intake and gives you more control over your weight loss.

With over 40 clinical trials showing Proactol XS to be the most effective fat binder in the market, you can now indulge in your favorite gourmet dishes without feeling guilty of accumulating unwanted weight.

Benefits Of Using Proactol XS

1) Makes you to safely lose your weight, without any side-effects.

2) Clinically proven ingredients the effectiveness of Proactol XS is backed by clinical trials.

3) Helps improve your digestive system.

4) Helps you to maintain healthy weight.

5) Helps to control your appetite and constant food cravings.

6) Formulation if fast acting and starts to show effective results within minutes.

Benefits of Using PhenQ

Clinicaly proven ingredients that are 100% safe, natural and highly effective.

Attacks stored fat inside your body and starts to use them for energy thus melting away all your excess fat and making you lose weight.

Helps you not to gain weight again as it prevents the formation of fat cells within your body.

Increases your energy levels making you physically more active and burn more fat in the process.

Controls your appetite making you eat small portions of food to reduce your calorie intake.

Proactol XS : Ingredients

Every capsule of Proactol XS contains the following ingredients:-

500mg of Chitosan powder also referred to as BioPolymer N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine and D- Glucosamine extracted from Aspergillus Niger Mycelium.

Magnesium Stearate

Silica Capsule: Hypromellose (HPMC)

Titanium Dioxide

Proactol XS is perfectly suitable for both vegans and vegetarians as it does not contain any preservatives, no gluten, milk protein, lactose or cholesterol. No raw materials originating from animals are also used making it perfect for persons following a vegetarian diet.

PhenQ : List of Ingredients


Usually found in tea, coffee and aerated drinks, caffeine acts as a stimulant that provides energy and also boosts metabolism. Caffeine also helps you to get back to your exercising routine burning off more fat and increase your stamina.

Powder of Capsimax

Capsimax powder is a combination of Niacin or Vitamin, Piperine, Caffeine and Capsicum Chilli. This powerful combination leads to thermogenesis which results in melting or excess fat from the body. Also this powder prevents further formation of fat cells in your body.


Nopal is generally a type of cactus which is rich in fiber. The high levels of fiber content in Nopal helps to control your appetite making you eat less amount of food and reduces your calorie intake. Nopal helps to make you feel fuller for longer period of time.

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium picolinate is a natural mineral usually found in vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains and red meat. This mineral greatly reduces your cravings for carbohydrate rich foods and controls blood sugar levels.

Calcium Carbonate

Helps to maintain optimum calcium levels in your body thus preventing the formation of fat cells. Also calcium carbonate leads to strong bones and helps to maintain optimal body weight. It has been observed that obese patients when treated with calcium supplements tend to lose a lot of weight.

L-Carnitine Furmarate

L-carnitine furmarate is generally found in red meat, green vegetables and nuts. This substance helps to convert the stored fat into energy thus released them to the body and help you to lose weight quickly.

PhenQ and Proactol XS : Money-back Guarantee

Both diet pills come with a full 60-day money-back guarantee to help protect your investment.

Proactol XS: Price

1 Bottle Proactol XS cost $ 59.95

2 Bottle Proactol XS + 1 Bottle FREE cost $ 119.90

3 Bottle Proactol XS + 3 Bottle FREE cost $ 179.95

PhenQ: Price

1 Bottle of PhenQ costs $ 59.99

2 Bottle of PhenQ + 1 Bottle FREE costs $ 119.98

3 Bottle of PhenQ + 2 Bottle FREE costs $ 189.95

Final Verdict

PhenQ scores over Proactol XS due to its superior ingredients and multiple benefits. Where Proactol XS just binds fat and prevents you from gaining weight, it simply does not melt the fat already present in your body.

Proactol XS is simply for persons who already have a slim figure and just want to stay that way despite occasionally indulging in calorie-rich food or foodstuffs that are full of fat. PhenQ on the other hand not only melts your stored fat, but also controls appetite, lifts your mood and prevents fat from coming back.

The sheer versatility of PhenQ coupled with its great quality of ingredients makes it our favorite diet supplement in this quick comparison.

PhenQ : Frequently Asked Questions

Can everyone lose weight with PhenQ?

PhenQ makes you lose weight in several ways. It burns fat, controls appetite to prevent over-eating and boost your energy levels so that you can work harder at the gym and lose even more weight. All this is achieved through PhenQ's patented formulation of powerful ingredients.

How long does one bottle of PhenQ last?

While most diet pills makers provide you with only 30 pills per bottle for one month's supply, the reality is that they last for only 15 days as you need to take 2 pills a day!! PhenQ on the other hand gives you a whopping 60 pills per bottle for a full month's supply making it a one-of-a-kind product in the vast weight loss market.

How one should take PhenQ?

PhenQ is recommended to be take twice daily with one pill after having the morning breakfast and another after taking your lunch. It is recommended not to consume PhenQ after 3 p.m. because of its caffeine content and energy boosting properties which might prevent you from having a good night's sleep.

Persons who are sensitive of side-effects of caffeine are advised to consume less amounts of coffee when taking PhenQ so as to prevent an overdose of caffeine. Also remember not to exceed the recommended dosage as it might lead to side-effects because PhenQ uses highly potent ingredients.

How many bottles of PhenQ should one order for seeing the best results?

Clinical studies have shown that it takes an obese individual nearly sixty days to get rid of significant amounts of excess weight. So keeping this in mind, we recommend that you place an order for two bottles of PhenQ. Also remember, when you buy 2 bottles you get another bottle Absolutely FREE!!!

For persons suffering from extreme obesity problems and those who need to lose a ton of weight, buying and taking advantage of the multi-buy package of buy 3 and get two FREE offer is recommended. In three months you will be able to lose all your excess weight and after that use the remaining 2 bottles for maintaining your new weight.

Which type of patients should not take PhenQ?

It is strongly recommended that pregnant and nursing mothers should not take PhenQ. Also people under eighteen years of age are barred from taking PhenQ. If you are suffering from some illness and taking prescription medicines, then you must consult your doctor before taking PhenQ for losing weight.

From where can I purchase PhenQ?

PhenQ is not available on Amazon or Ebay and can only be procured from the official website www.Phenq.com. Any other website selling PhenQ is likely to be selling a cheap and counterfeit product which may not give you the desired results and might also give you side-effects.

How much secure is it to order PhenQ?

PhenQ can be ordered from the official company website through a 2048-bit data encryption which is the standard encryption used by leading banks. Shop PhenQ with complete peace of mind!

Is PhenQ shipped world-wide?

Yes, PhenQ is shipped world-wide. And in case your order 2 or more bottles of PhenQ, then your shipping is Absolutely FREE!!! For single bottle orders there is a flat rate shipping fee of only $9.98. Orders are usually dispatched within 48 hours and are sent to the customer in discreet packaging.

Is there any discount available for PhenQ customers?

PhenQ offers some great multi-buy savings for its customers. When you buy 2 bottles of PhenQ you get 1 bottle absolutely FREE. And when you buy 3 bottles of PhenQ you get 2 bottles absolutely FREE. Basic users are recommended to buy the 2 bottle pack and long-term users are advised to avail the 3 bottle pack for maximum value-for-money.

Does PhenQ offer a money-back guarantee?

PhenQ offers a full 60-day money-back guarantee to protect your investment and make you shop with confidence. If you're unsatisfied you can return your unused PhenQ bottles within the guarantee period and get a full refund.

Is PhenQ Suitable For Both Men And Women?

PhenQ has been prepared in such a manner that it can make both men and women to lose weight. However, PhenQ can give different results to different people. For example, persons with a higher percentage of body fat usually see more improved weight loss results than persons with a lower percentage of body fat.

But PhenQ definitely works for both men and women and is completely safe as long as you're above 18 years of age.

How Much Weight Can You Lose With PhenQ?

Clinical studies have firmly established that PhenQ can make you lose weight anywhere from 10 to a whopping 30 kgs in a single month!! Persons who lead sedentary lives will lose less amounts of weight than those who will compliment taking PhenQ with a healthy diet and fitness regime.

However, nearly everyone can experience outstanding weight loss results due to the potent and highly effective formulation of PhenQ.

Is Dieting And Exercising Compulsory For Losing Weight With PhenQ?

No, you don't have to diet and do strenuous exercises in order to lose weight with PhenQ. As far as dieting is concerned, you only have to eat sensibly in order to see some phenomenal weight loss results with PhenQ.

Replacing french fries with sauteed potatoes or replacing a bowl of ice-cream with some frozen yogurt goes a long way in helping you to maintain a healthy weight. Also you can replace sweetened aerated drinks with some fresh fruit juice.

As far as physical exercises are concerned, physical activities although not necessary if done, can definitely speed up your weight loss process. People using a diet and fitness routine can definitely see weight loss results in the range between 15 – 40 pounds every month.

Persons who lead completely sedentary lives and hate to diet can see weight loss results between 10-20 pounds every month which is still excellent by any standards!!

In our evaluation PhenQ is the best supplement currently available in the market as its powerful formulation is so effective that you don't need to make changes to your daily lifestyle and still experience substantial weight loss results. No other weight loss product currently available in the market can give these benefits.

PhenQ is likely to remain our most preferred diet supplement even in the near future!!